Zoo Trippin
June 25, 2019

“The Life of the Party” would be an apt phrase to describe this remarkable band.  Led by frontman Tony Casa whose dynamic showmanship sets the table for a wild concert, Zoo Trippin” is a premier band based in area code 614.  Their material is described as “The Columbus Sound “a blend of geographical attributes reflective of the unique artists from the Capitol City of Ohio.  But what warms the cockles of your heart is that Zoo Trippin’ with six stunning and creative albums to their credit, want to stay home and build on the Columbus Sound model. In other words, they are going to try to make it big from right here in Central Ohio.

The interview reveals more.  They are big on helping other bands succeed (What?)  They are big on generating money for charitable causes.  Really?  Who does this???  We can tell you straight up – Zoo Trippin does. Do yourself a favor and listen to the attitudes of the millennial generation and you will come away feeling good about the future.