The Danger Brothers
May 28, 2015

How huge was this great band. Well imagine an Ohio State Home Football game. Then put literally 5,000 pre-and post-game partiers in a parking lot, all looking to be fired up for the biggest event every fall (The Buckeyes) and to celebrate the win afterwards. That would make many a musician pass out from stage fright. Not the Danger Brothers, who successfully did this every home game for 27 consecutive years! True showman, this band was never afraid to take risks on stage. Their moxy was remarkable, courageous and downright hilarious. The band shares all of their stories including a remarkable tenure in California working with the Beachboys. We could not fit in all into one show. So, we have recorded two shows and our very first “Bonus Lix” episode. Get to ready to listen learn and laugh with one of the most successful bands of all time from Central Ohio.