Steve Ball

Finding a musical niche can provide a musician and entertainer a very worthwhile career, not only in obtaining performance opportunities, but making a comfortable lifestyle financially. Local Lix guest Steve Ball has accomplished this feat in aces.

Steve crafted his stage presence, beginning in the early 1980s, as the frontman for the iconic Columbus country rock band, Cimarron. He became one of the best frontmen in all of Central Ohio and contributed mightily to establishing the band as an important musical unit throughout the state.

However, it was when he began specializing in the music of the American Civil War, and the music and life of Stephen Foster, that he found his niche. Steve studied the American Civil War with amazing detail, and more specifically, the music of that era in American history.

He shares amazing facts about his passion, often citing amazing history of a song, its origination and the special circumstances surrounding the material. He performs live during his interview in a truly authentic rendition of a song more than a century old, recreating it from the original sheet music. This is an interview that will make you smarter by the end of the show.