Shaun Weiss

Shaun Weiss has lived one of the most incredible lives a person in the music business could ever ask for. On his own, he worked his way into the Ed Sullivan Theater on February 9, 1964, to witness the first American appearance of The Beatles. Then move ahead 1,817 days to January 30, 1969. There is Shaun Weiss standing on the roof of the building at 3 Saville Row in London watching what would be the final live performance of the Fab Four. Aside from the performers, literally only a hand full of people had this amazing opportunity.

Shaun’s interview on Local Lix only presents his amazing life in the music business. His stepfather, Nat Weiss, in 1965 befriended Beatle manager Brian Epstein, who then began a business relationship with the elder Weiss, who became The Beatles’ lawyer in the United States. This led to Shaun developing a working relation with John, Paul, George and Ringo during their last year as a performing band. He maintained his relationship with all four gentlemen literally to this day as a trusted confidant, protector of their legacy and on occasion, legally (Shaun followed in his father’s footsteps a lawyer as well).

You will absolutely be blown away when Shaun shares the story of John Lennon and Paul McCartney covertly staying at the Weiss home in 1968. His story of the two of them signing Shaun’s boyhood closet door is something you will likely be learning for the first time.

As an added bonus, Shaun shares the story of his dad finding The Cyrkle performing in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He recommends the band to Mr. Epstein, who signs the band to his roster of bands and singers. Thanks to Shaun’s father, The Cyrkle becomes the only American band to be represented by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame manager.

This is a must hear interview if you have any interest in hearing personal observations about the greatest band in the history of music, The Beatles. Shaun has a wealth of stories to share and we recorded a good number of them on this Local Lix interview.