Landa Masdea Brunetto

Author and Owner: Valley Dale Ballroom


Certainly, one of THE most positive and upbeat guests to every grace the studios of Local Lix, Landa Masdea Brunetto was a natural for our interview chair.  She, and her husband, purchased the historic and legendary Valley Dale Ballroom, completing a personal goal that she made for herself years prior.  

She shares in detail some of the more amazing moments, featuring the cream of the entertainment crop that has performed on their legendary stage dating back to the Big Band Era, thru the early phases of classic rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s, right up to days biggest acts of today.

She has documented the wonderful history of her building in a book titled “Images of America, The Valley Dale Ballroom”, available at Amazon, including vintage photos from the fabulous 40’s, to the rocking 60’s, to the turn of the century and onward.  It is a very enjoyable read and one you will want for your bookshelves. 

But what makes this interview so special is Landa’s charm and personality. She is completely comfortable behind the microphone and her warmth comes pouring through loud and clear.  You will feel very positive as you listen to this upbeat person tell her amazing story.