Ken Schnacke

So you may be saying to yourself, “Why would a sports figure appear on Local Lix?” Well, in addition to being a two-time winner of the International League Executive of the Year award to go along with his induction into the International League Hall of Fame in 2018, Ken Schnacke, the President and General Manager of Huntington Park, home of the Columbus Clippers minor league baseball team in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the most successful music promoters in the state of Ohio.

Beginning initially at the historic Copper Stadium and later at his beautiful Huntington Park in downtown Columbus, Ken has brought some of the biggest and most successful acts to his facilities in Central Ohio, acts ranging from Aerosmith to Bob Dylan to Dave Matthews, to name but a few of the dozens and dozens of entertainers he has booked.

He will also discuss his two greatest accomplishments. When he brought the Reverend Billy Graham and his Crusade to Central Ohio, well over 100,000 worshipers and followers attended multiple night services at the stadium. He discusses this enormous accomplishment proudly during his interview.

Ken will also discuss his unmatched success in 1998 when he sold in excess of 100,000 tickets over six consecutive nights for a series of concerts by Garth Brooks. No concert promoter in Central Ohio has ever sold that many tickets for one artist in the history of the city.

You will hear in his interview how humble a man he is. He has proven to be one of the very most successful baseball and music promoters in the entertainment world. You will be riveted by the stories he kindly shares on Local Lix.