Jacked Up

Country Band

January 31, 2017

Aaron ”that harmonica guy”, Deanna Sweeney and her husband Kevin Patrick Sweeney (2nd appearance, “Light”) hit the Local Lix studios to promote their solid band “Jacked Up”. This is one heck of a great country act. Most, if not all bands, will update their set list on occasion with a song or two a year. Not “Jacked Up”. They re-create the current Country Pop/Rock songs of the day. Their whole show is that way. That is a ton of work to do, but they pull it off to the glee of modern country fans. You will learn that this approach has paid off. They work the most visible events in Central Ohio and land opening act spots for top acts including Luke Bryan, Craig Morgan and LeAnn Rimes, to name a few from their long list of accomplishments. You don’t have to like country to love this interview by this talent group of artists.