Jack Benjamin

Jack Benjamin is a transplanted Clevelander with a true appreciation of local music, musical talent and its importance and impact on a community. He has committed his passion to the Central Ohio art scene as a member of the Columbus Historical Society.
The Columbus Historical Society is a grassroots group of history-obsessed individuals dedicated to preserving the important multi-cultural history of Central Ohio by archiving the stories and artifacts of our community and sharing these stories and their heritage through programming and exhibits.
Jack comes on to Local Lix to discuss his exhibit titled “The 70s Music Explosion in Columbus, Ohio”. The presentation was professionally displayed in a multi-room layout that salutes the hard-working musical artists of that exciting musical period of remarkable growth in Columbus.

Jack discusses some of the artists on display, his observations about the displays, including a flattering display saluting Local Lix. He also shares that the display area was such a success that it will be moving to a larger location in 2023.

Take a historical trip compliments of Jack Benjamin, The Columbus Historical Society and Local Lix