Dance Party 2016
August 16, 2016

In the earliest days of the rock and roll period of the mid 1960s, Dance Party was a must-see television show for teens, which aired on Saturday mornings.  Hosted by Jerry Razor (d. Oct. 1991), the show was a must see for the Central Ohio teenage crowd.  The show featured a local band each week, saluted two local high schools and offered the unique Bruce Nutt Dancers.  Move the calendar ahead fifty years and a reunion Dance Party public event was held to salute the show and the era.  To help promote the show, Local Lix welcomed four legendary guests to our studios to share memories.  In the house was Jimmy Lynch (making his first of five appearances), Ron Hilditch of the Majestics, Jeff Johnson of the Fifth Order and the aforementioned Bruce Nutt.  What a collection and what a show!