Celeste Friedman
May 05, 2017

Celeste Friedman channel her early career as a TV and radio personality into a successful international career as a song writer and recording artists. But she is more than that. Arguably a “Renaissance Woman” is a title fitting this incredibly talented artist. She has written several books (6) in addition to charting a #1 song in 7 countries in three different continents. Here album “Every Tear I Know” reached the top of the charts in three countries and peaked at #4 in a fourth country. But this amazing woman has been challenged by the painful disorder rheumatoid arthritis. But you will not hear it in her interview. as she remains the positive person she has always been. She performs live in our studios, with crippled hands in an unbelievable performance we had to see to believe. Here story deserved every second of two shows and you will come away a fan, and perhaps an appreciation for life, complements of this amazing soul.